There are many ways to help consciously evolve a world that works for all.

The impact of global climate change and the pandemic have led to an increased awareness of our fragility as human beings, our need for widespread cooperation, and our need to somehow manage cultural change so that it leads to solutions rather than problems.


Prosocial World uniquely draws upon modern evolutionary science to catalyze positive cultural change at scale.

Why You Should Help

Prosocial is being implemented around the world with the help of partner organizations and a community of trained facilitators resulting in increased satisfaction, collaboration, and efficacy of groups. With your help, we can offer more scholarships, train more facilitators, and transform more groups to improve overall wellbeing.

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Grow our global network of 500+ trained facilitators and coaches in 34 countries


Add synchronous and asynchronous training courses to the curriculum


Build our customized community engagement platform into an organic ecosystem of shared content


Expand our cooperation and partnerships with other highly respected, like-minded organizations

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Increase and share scientific and scholarly articles from academic leaders in our widely-circulated TVOL online magazine

How You Can Help

Someone can't do everything but everyone can do something.


As a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, PW operates with a lean staff. Tell us how you can help with in-kind donations or lend your talents to help us achieve our mission. 


Help support our mission with your tax-deductible one-time donation or contribute on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis for an even greater effect.


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