Complexity Adventures May Basecamp

Saturday May 27 11-2p EDT
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Self-organizing intermingling with complexity-aware groups. This is not a ProSocial World sponsored event.

For those who attended the Complexity Unconference with us and our friends from Earth Regenerators, Deep Transformation Network, and For the Good of All NOW! in April and are interested in continuing to meet with connections they made, the first monthly basecamp (follow up meeting) is Saturday May 27 from 10-2 EDT!  This will allow for self-organizing and continued engagement in what you find interesting while allowing for intergroup collaboration.

For those interested in joining our intergroup collaborative sprint, we will be pursuing this in the June Complexity Adventures Basecamp.  The date has not yet been announced, but we expect it to be the last weekend of June.  That date will be posted here when announced.  We plan on working around the topic of augmenting collective intelligence with AI.  If you are interested in joining this project, please email!