Join us to co-create a world that works for all.

As an independent, nonprofit, 501 (c) 3 organization, PW is able to be ambitious. Our aim is to accomplish rapid positive multilevel cultural change worldwide.


Taking these key terms in order:

Rapid: Rates of positive cultural change can be catalyzed, similar to rates of chemical change. We aim to accomplish in years what otherwise might require decades or not happen at all.

Positive: Cultural change takes place whether we want it to or not, but often it results in problems rather than solutions. We aim to align the forces of cultural change with prosocial goals.

Multilevel: Positive change must be global, with the welfare of the whole earth system in mind. It must also be local, with the welfare of individuals working together in small groups in mind, since this is the most natural and fulfilling scale of human social interactions. And the local and global scales must be connected by intermediate levels of social organizations, such as institutions, businesses, and governments.


Cultural: Everyone uses this word in the vernacular, but PW treats cultural change explicitly and innately as an evolutionary process, similar in its fundamentals to the process of genetic evolution. This enables us to apply insights from the social, behavioral, and evolutionary sciences to solve the problems of our age.


PW welcomes the support and participation of anyone who wishes to become involved in achieving rapid positive multilevel cultural change. There are multiple ways to participate and we hope that you will join us on this journey to evolve our future.

The Ostrom Circle
Ostrom Circle.png

The Ostrom Circle is for anyone who wishes to both donate and become personally engaged in learning and action opportunities. Any donation within your means is welcome and we encourage recurring donations when possible. We hope to grow the Ostrom Circle to very large numbers as a social movement based on evolutionary science rather than a political ideology. Please help us realize this bold vision!

The Darwin Circle
Darwin Circle.png

The Darwin Circle is for individuals who are fortunate to be able to contribute $10,000/yr or more and wish to join a brain trust that helps to develop PW to its full potential. Current DC members include some of the most dynamic thought leaders in the world who meet monthly to share each other’s visions and develop collaborations built around PW.   Join now to get your invitation to these highly coveted monthly sessions.

The Patron's Circle
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The Patron’s Circle is for individuals who wish to donate financially without becoming personally engaged in PW activities. There are many projects within Prosocial World that need funding, such as TVOL, Prosocial SchoolsProsocial Spirituality, and various sustainability and regenerative agriculture initiatives to build a better future for everyone. We appreciate that some people are already fully engaged and appreciate their financial support through the PC! 

Organizational Partnerships

In addition to individual involvement, we welcome partnerships with corporations and other organizations, which can take many forms. Please email us to initiate a conversation about organizational partnerships.