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Prosocial Facilitator Training #22 Rates

Thank you very much for joining the Prosocial course. We at Prosocial World are really looking forward to working with you. Once you pay for the course below, please check your inbox for instructions on how to access the course materials. Welcome!

PFT #22 Not-for-Profit Rate
This rate is a 25% discount for those who are in not-for-profit or community contexts where there are insufficient resources to support payment of the standard fee. 
$489.00 USD
PFT #22 Standard Rate

This is the standard fee for the Prosocial Facilitator Training. If you are waged and working in most contexts. This is the appropriate fee to choose. 

$652.00 USD

If for any reason you decide that the course is unsuitable for you before the 3rd week of training, we will happily refund the training fee.