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We're improving our lives and communities through the power of schools and youth.

We're improving our lives and communities through the power of schools and youth.

Tell us about your future

Your mission is our mission.

Improve the way you get there

Learning how to improve is our specialty.

How we make an impact:
Following your lead, we partner together to answer three key questions.

Driven by science

Cooperation Science

Nobel Prize winner Lin Ostrom showed that the presence or absence of eight "core design principles" predicted success for groups who sustainably manage common-pool resources. We apply these principles to our educational commons the same way they apply to our social, economic and environmental commons.

Evolutionary science

Toolkits helps us navigate the world. An evolutionary toolkit helps us to understand and improve the variation, selection and retention of cultural traits. With this in mind, we predict that helping diverse groups learn and elaborate Lin Ostrom's core design principles will improve individual and cultural flourishing, up to a flourishing planet.

Behavioral science

All behavior has a purpose. This includes behavior in response to perceived harm or fear. The key to better matching our behavior with our values and long-term goals is to become more aware of their impact and our options, and flexibly try new behaviors. In this way, groups can also better align their behaviors with Lin Ostrom's core design principles.

Putting it all together

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Who we are

We are a global community of students, teachers, administrators and education professionals.

We believe that successful communities are made up of highly cooperative groups of people, subject to conditions that can be learned and elaborated in ways that are unique for your group.

Our Mission

To catalyze school improvement with the same set of design principles needed to achieve social, economic and environmental wellbeing on a planetary scale

Our Vision

A just, resilient and inspired world grounded in cooperative learning communities, and empowered by the evolutionary science of human behavior

Our Values

• Empowerment
• Efficacy
• Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
• Autonomy & Coordination
• Integrity

Process of

Community-Based Cultural Evolution

Eirdosh, D. & Hanisch, S. (in review). A community science model for interdisciplinary evolution education and school improvement. Chapter in Reydon & Huneman (2022) Evolutionary thinking across disciplines.

Our Intention

We hypothesize that helping school practitioners identify, compare, and co-evolve Theories of Improvement can become a driver for normative prosocial goals in any context.

Capturing impact

What evidence of our impact will we see?

  1. Improved (scientifically adequate and adaptive) understandings of human behavior

  2. Progress toward community selected aims and outcomes

  3. Improved well-being and prosociality