ProSocial Spirituality: 
Active Group Engagement

What does your group need to thrive, both inwardly and outwardly?

We're currently enrolling ProSocial Spirituality groups at no charge to participants as part of a ProSocial World research initiative.

We begin with a three-part conversation, conducted via Zoom, to determine if there is mutual interest in engaging in the full ten-session P-SAGE program.

ProSocial Spirituality groups engage in real-time exploration of Ostrom’s Cultural Design Principles and Teasdale’s Interspiritual Elements within the context of their own experience.

Together, it’s a great opportunity for groups to deepen their vision, increase flexibility, and cultivate skills and tools that allow them to survive, grow, and thrive.

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What do we mean by "prosocial?"

Prosocial behavior is any action that benefits another person or group of people. It is behavior that promotes the welfare of all.

Prosocial people behave in ways that are beneficial to their group. Prosocial groups behave in ways that are beneficial to local and planetary well-being. 

We’re studying prosociality as an evolutionary trait. 

“Selfishness beats altruism within groups. Altruistic groups beat selfish groups. Everything else is commentary.”
~ David Sloan Wilson in
Does Altruism Exist?

What do we mean by “spirituality?”

Spirituality is a flexible term with great reach, scope, and room for interpretation. It’s more a way of life than any one set of dogmatic beliefs.

ProSocial Spirituality explores the global movement known as Interspirituality, which invites people of all religious, spiritual, and secular persuasions to experience the heart of humanity--in all of its diverse expressions--on the path toward greater harmony with one another and all of life. Contemplative practices unearth the mystical roots of the world's religious traditions, revealing a deep unity that stands in stark contrast to rampant trends toward isolation and divisiveness. 

“We have been given the gift of life in this perplexing world to become who we ultimately are: creatures of boundless love, caring, compassion, and wisdom.” 
~ Interspiritual pioneer Wayne Teasdale

What is P-SAGE?

ProSocial Spirituality Active Group Engagement (P-SAGE) is a research initiative funded by the John Templeton Foundation exploring the intersections of science and spirituality.

Recognizing that small groups, larger groups, networks, and networks of networks make up the fabric of human culture, we’re interested in exploring how frameworks based on scientific research and contemplative inquiry foster more harmonious, efficient, sustainable, diverse, inclusive, meaningful, impactful groups. 

We’re currently working with cohesive groups (with shared purpose and identity) comprised of anywhere from five to fifteen people who are willing to engage in weekly Zoom meetings, daily contemplative practices, deep listening, reflection, and confidential sharing.  Authenticity is essential to this program.

Every organization, team, or group faces challenges. Why is it that some groups are able to turn obstacles into opportunities, while others fall apart (and worse!) P-SAGE offers opportunities for your group to explore questions like this in the context of your own mission and vision.

What role does spirituality play, individually and collectively, in your group’s culture?

How does your group make decisions? 

What happens when your group faces conflict, internally and externally?

How does your group’s impact align with your vision?

“Without inner change there can be no outer change. 
Without collective change, no change matters.” 
~angel Kyodo williams

Is your group ready to embrace the kind of inner change that makes real change possible?

P-SAGE is designed for groups and individuals who are ready to take a deep dive into becoming more prosocial. Whether you’re seeking to clarify your group’s mission and vision or hoping to foster healthy collaboration internally and externally, this program is an intensive practice tailored to your group’s needs.

We will work together over the course of the
P-SAGE program to identify your group’s strengths and weaknesses on both the horizontal plane of local and global engagement and the vertical dimension of spiritual grounding and transcendence. 

Colorful stair case
Colorful stair case

The Program

Currently inviting groups into conversation.

This 10-session program includes:

Elinor Ostrom’s Cultural Design Principles

Wayne Teasdale’s Interspiritual Elements

Developing psychological flexibility

Heart-centered gatherings

Contemplative practices

Online discussion community

The P-SAGE program is
interactive, interdisciplinary, and interspiritual.

We meet virtually for two-hour Zoom sessions that are designed to be contemplative gatherings where group members listen deeply to one another, as well as to their own inner wisdom.

Fortnightly consultation sessions where you’ll learn new ideas and practice techniques to enhance your facilitation.

Meetings with others in your cohort where you can share your challenges, broaden your exposure to different group scenarios and expand your professional network

An online discussion forum where you can share resources, ask questions and explore the Prosocial framework in more depth with your facilitator and colleagues on the course, many of whom have deep experience in bringing about change in groups and organizations

Access to videos, readings, exercises and a sequence of practical and engaging assignments to support you in your learning

P-SAGE is about holding space for one other as you listen deeply to both outer and inner guidance. You'll come away knowing yourself better as an individual, as a member of a group, and as part of the human family.

Our Team

Kate Sheehan Roach
Director of ProSocial Spirituality
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Kate is an interfaith, interspiritual, interdisciplinary writer, editor, and community builder. She began her editorial career in the academic press and now enjoys working with leading-edge spiritual writers from all traditions and non- traditions, especially those with mystical or contemplative depth. She serves on several boards, including the United Religions Initiative and Contemplative Outreach.

Ian MacDonald
Research Lead for ProSocial World
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Diane Berke
Founder of One Spirit Learning Alliance and co-developer of ProSocial Spirituality
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Diane Berke is the Founder of One Spirit Learning Alliance and co-developer of ProSocial Spirituality. Ordained in 1988, she is a respected pioneer in the field of Interspiritual education. Diane is certified by the Center for Courage and Renewal as a facilitator for the Circle of Trust work developed by Parker Palmer. She has led retreats and workshops on spiritual development for more than 35 years and has a private practice as a spiritual counselor/companion.

Robert Styles
ProSocial World Director of Learning and Engagement
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I initially trained in music and then, in a later chapter of my life, went on to become an academic doing applied research in the field of Contextual Behavioural Science through the Australian National University. Over the last couple of decades, this stream of activity has had me working with communities, organisations, and governments across the Australian, Pacific, African, Asian, European, and American regions. Presently, I am working with ProSocial World, an organisation that has developed a change method based on behavioural and evolutionary sciences that enhances cooperation and collaboration for groups of all types and sizes that is effective at multiple scales. When engaged, for me, this means co-designing behavioural and evolutionary approaches to realising environmental and socio-cultural resilience and wellbeing for those I am working with.

Beth Hawkins
ProSocial World Director of Research
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I have 15+ years of experience being a thoughtful and culturally aware social science researcher conducting mixed methods, participatory action research. First with the University of Tennessee, then with Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and for the last decade a research and education non-profit in East Tennessee. My research has primarily been focused on issues and policies that impact public health and well-being, and social equity. In 2022, I resigned from the non-profit to embark on a spiritual journey, to do some soul-searching, which led me to ProSocial World 6 months later. With the help of the universe, I now find myself part of this beautiful ProSocial Spirituality team. I am the Director of Research at ProSocial World that has the dreamy job of researching love, compassion, resilience, cooperation and collaboration!

Susan Soleil
Partner Coordinator for the Charter for Compassion
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Susan is the staff liaison in the partnership between two global nonprofits: Charter for Compassion and ProSocial World. She is working to integrate the tools, networks, and best practices of both organizations. She enjoys being able to meet people from all around the world without leaving her home office in Utah, USA. She brings 30 years of working with nonprofits to this unique job, along with her passion for compassion and collaboration.


Introduce yourself and set in motion a conversation about your group's participation:

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For any other information, please contact ProSocial Spirituality at

How much time will I need to commit?

Plan to attend 10 two-hour Zoom sessions over the course of the program. If you must miss a session, we encourage you to watch the recording ASAP so you will have ample time to reflect between sessions. Preparation for the sessions involves completing brief readings and/or watching short videos for a total of no more than 30 minutes per session. Participants also engage independently in daily contemplative practice. If you already have a daily practice, you should be able to integrate P-SAGE practices seamlessly. If not, plan to set aside 30-40 minutes per day for practice.

What is the online discussion forum used in the program?

We partner closely with the Terran Collective, the developers of Hylo. Hylo is a free, open-source, regenerative social platform where we can discuss all things related to Prosocial World. Hylo can be used to access training materials and assignments, socialize with your fellow participants, and receive updates about other programs of interest and much more!

I am not in a group, can I still attend?

We are currently convening programs with pre-existing groups; please connect with the ProSocial Spirituality community to connect as an individual and we will let you know when we are convening a program designed for individual participation.

What technology do I need to participate in the program?

Seminars are run virtually over Zoom. You can access Zoom via computer or phone, but we recommend that you use a computer with a large screen wherever possible. We will also make use of Google drive folders and our online social engagement platform, Hylo. We will give you all the instructions for accessing the community group on Hylo prior to the start of the program.