Lori Wiser

After a successful 25-year career spanning positions in Public Relations, Account Services, Consumer Insights, and Strategy for global brands, I joined Wiser Insights Group to combat the problem with traditional research: statistics without real insights. We deliver behaviorally-driven analytic models to be used for strategic decision-making in all types of organizations.

​I'm an active member of the Association for Contextual Behavioral Scientists (ACBS), and Cultural Evolution Society (CES), and consider myself a Social Justice Warrior, focusing on issues faced by what I call the “chronically marginalized.” I believe improving psychological flexibility on a global scale will catalyze to increase understanding of how the mind works and unite us by recognizing various cognitive biases that affect our overall health and wellbeing, thereby allowing us to acknowledge our shared experience of being human. Rethinking our social and cultural institutions through a lens of prosociality and mindfulness can have profound implications in decreasing worldwide human suffering.

We need this now more than ever, but my immediate application of Prosocial is reducing the toxicity of today’s work environments and teaching more empathetic, ethical, and sociocratic governance of groups and teams.

In my free time, I read, ride my bike, and consume prohibition-era cocktails. I prefer to enjoy two of those activities with my cat, Stan Lee, though I won't disclose which two. Oh, and I like puzzles: Hard ones. I like challenges: Big ones. I love studying human behavior, including my own. I'm a huge fan of the oxford comma. Let's connect!

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