Become a Facilitator today and learn the positive, transformative change methods of the ARC Process!
The ARC Process

Our interactive course for groups will clarifies their purpose and create alignment around their goals and values-even in the presence of competing interests among members.

Facilitator Training

Anyone who works with groups can become a trained Prosocial facilitator, adding to their existing toolkit. Prosocial is designed to complement, not compete with, other change methods.

A Global Community

Working together, we can evolve our methods and create positive change on a global scale, starting with single groups and multi-group cultural ecosystems.

All types of groups can benefit from The ARC Process
Business Team At Work
Volunteering Group
Young Ballerinas
In a Meeting
People During Workshop


SO FASCINATING!  I absolutely loved learning about the CDPs and prosocial concepts.  It completely transformed the way I perceive myself, my practice and the future of my practice.

 I appreciate the evolutionary perspective that enhances the understanding and implementation of practices for our clients and the contexts in which they live relative to the evolved mechanisms and practices of human history.

Just packed with content. I feel empowered on a more macro and micro level to more actively promoting prosocial ideals. I’ve already started applying it in my own life.

Support Group Meeting

I want to use Prosocial to improve my group with a trained facilitator.

Woman on Computer

I want to learn Prosocial and join

the community of practice.

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