MAY 2024

Compassionate Collaboration

Do you have a dynamic team working on compassionate initiatives that is doing great work in your city but could use a boost? Or are you still forming your team and looking for help getting started?

Regardless of where you fall along that spectrum, the Compassionate Collaboration workshop can help.

This 5-week workshop will immerse your team in a community of other cities - all working on various compassionate initiatives. We will develop a working understanding of eight essential collaborative skills and form action plans to help move your team forward.

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The Course

Compassionate Collaboration is more than a course. It is an experiment in collaboration at many levels.

Co-hosted by the Charter for Compassion, ProSocial World, and Compassionate San Antonio, our hope is that this workshop will help identify ways for the Charter and ProSocial to better support local compassionate initiatives.

Workshop Objectives:

1) Teams will learn how to apply an evidence-based toolkit for cooperation.

2) They will develop and strengthen collaboration skills.

3) Each team will learn from the other groups in the workshop.

4) All teams will create action plans.

Course Outline

This 5-week workshop will equip teams with collaborative tools and will help teams create action plans with a focus on team-building and compassionate initiatives.

This 5-week course supports city teams that are well-organized as well as groups that are just starting out - and everything in between. Focused on teams cultivating compassionate communities, the workshop will meet groups where they are and help them move forward in a more collaborative way.

90 minute gatherings for five weeks with group - reflections and field work in between (30-60 minutes each week)

Week 1: Introductions; deep listening; share one success; one thing that would make your team more successful; quick overview of Core Design Principles ["CDPs"] & spoke diagram, breakout rooms for discussions. Ask Teams to complete the spoke diagram for next week.

Week 2: Review spoke diagrams of each team. Where is your team succeeding and where might it improve? See if these tools might help: Deeper dive on CDPs and ACT matrix and psychological flexibility. Ask Teams to do one ACT Matrix (as a Team or personal) during the week.

Week 3: What did they learn doing the ACT matrix? Revisit spoke diagram/CDPs, identify areas for greatest improvement, each team picks one area / CDP to work on. Or they pick a compassionate initiative that needs an action plan. CFC/PW team support groups through this process.

Week 4: Moving to action regarding whatever teams have identified as most pressing. Use convergent process to develop success criteria and proposals for action. Who else needs to be involved? Be ready to present a plan for moving forward at next gathering. Work on plans for next week.

Week 5: People present their draft plans; get feedback, and we discuss any next steps.

Time Requirement and Cost

Five 90-minute Sessions:

3:00-4:30 pm Pacific Time
6:00-7:30 PM Eastern Time (US)
10:00-11:30 am AU EDT

Cost: $150 per person - or pay what works best for you - choose from several options. If you are able, please pay a little more to help cover the costs of others.