Wednesday September 20 at 9:00a EDT

Child Development & Learning

Weekly meeting for Child Development and Education from an Evolutionary Perspective: A New ProSocial Commons Learning to Action Group

Friday September 22 at 6p ET / 3p PT

Seminar: Regenerating Sonora

Free webinar presented by Christopher Casillas.

September 28th, 12-1pm ET

Examined Lives: Family Conflict (Session 37)

Family Conflict: How does genetic relatedness help explain family conflicts?

September 30th

Apply to the Atlas Hugged Reading Group

A new reading group centered around David Sloan Wilson's novel, Atlas Hugged.

Every other Monday at 12p ET starting October 2

ProSocial Commons Book Club: Our Tribal Future

Biweekly book club discussion hosted by the ProSocial Commons

Friday November 10 at 12p ET / 10a MT

Seminar: Leading Change in Ourselves for Our World

Free webinar presented by climate scientist, Heidi Steltzer.

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