Prosocial World developed the first change method based on evolutionary science that enhances cooperation & collaboration for groups of all types & sizes and is effective at a global scale.

What is Prosocial?

The word ‘prosocial’ describes an orientation toward the welfare of others and society as a whole. This might be an attitude, a behavior, or an institution. It might be directed toward family and friends or the social acceptance of all people. Ultimately, Prosocial is an entire worldview.

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ARC teaches us how to develop and act on our collective consciousness with purpose, which in our view is a function of three considerations:


  1. Awareness of our internal thoughts

  2. The quality of our Relationships

  3. The Cultural agreements we create

What is Prosocial World?

Prosocial World (PW) is a non-profit organization that seeks to evolve a more prosocial world. Inspired by scientists, we take the word “evolve” seriously, basing our methods on the most recent developments in evolutionary, complex systems, and contextual behavioral science to enhance cooperation and inspire positive change for the well-being of others. Prosocial World is built upon its own Core Design Principles, fostering polycentric governance.  

The community of practice within Prosocial World has built the Prosocial ARC Process, a method for helping any group, anywhere in the world, work better together. The Prosocial ARC Process is a unique, practical, applied, behavioral approach that contributes to a significant worldwide research effort using evolutionary theory as a unifying theoretical framework. 

How does the Prosocial ARC Process Work?

The Prosocial ARC Process can best be understood as a process of wisely managed cultural evolution. It brings together cognition, cooperation, and culture into a flexible framework that can be used to help groups improve collaboration and cooperation in different contexts. 


Tools such as The Noticing App help people identify and map their interests, build psychological flexibility, and set goals within a scientific framework that can be measured over time.


The Noticing App Personal Matrix