The science of working better together

An evidence-based method that improves teamwork for groups of any kind

PROSOCIAL is a practical method for helping members of groups work better together. It was developed by scientists, combining robust bodies of research from evolutionary theory, economics and political science, and the applied behavioral sciences.

Years in development, it has already been used on a pilot basis on groups as diverse as government agencies, schools, companies, and neighborhoods.  Now we’re on a mission to expand our work and make it available to any group anywhere in the world.

Almost everything we do, we do in groups

PROSOCIAL has the potential to fundamentally change the world for the better. Our method applies to anything groups do, from helping companies become more productive, to alleviating poverty and fighting climate change.

Group culture is as important for success as the individual skills of each of its members (if not more!)

Studies have shown that neither the individual attributes of their members nor even the coaching from their leaders are what create the most effective teams. The critical characteristics are the interactions within the team itself.

How it works

A set of interactive sessions followed by ongoing application

Learning the method

Interactive sessions where groups learn the method and plan for the future

  • Guided by a trained PROSOCIAL facilitator
  • Online or in-person
  • Can take place during a single retreat or in a series of separate meetings

Ongoing application

Following the plan outlined in the sessions to apply PROSOCIAL as a governance process for your group

  • Groups are given the tools to make PROSOCIAL part of their culture and routine
  • They have access to continuous support from the PROSOCIAL community

The 3 steps of our method

What you'll learn and apply in those sessions

The method

1. Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT)

Psychological flexibility skills for staying on focus and dealing with setbacks

This step helps group members strengthen their identity as a group, clarify their common purpose, and become more flexible in overcoming obstacles to reach their goals.

2. Core Design Principles

Practical strategies for better cooperation and coordination of group actions

This step provides a functional blueprint for the group to set its own rules in a way that will coordinate its activities, avoid disruptive behaviors from within, and cultivate collaborative relationships with other groups.

3. Short-term measurable goals

An actionable plan that will take the group where it needs to go

This step helps group members break down their long-term goals into short-term milestones, resulting in a detailed and practical plan that they will start putting into practise from day one.

The science behind our framework

PROSOCIAL is more firmly grounded in scientific theory and research than almost any other practical change method—so much that PROSOCIAL groups become partners in our ongoing research.

The science

Core Design Principles for effective, sustainable groups

The Nobel prize-winning research of Elinor Ostrom into what makes groups collaborate successfully

Evolutionary theory of multilevel selection

The study of the conditions that lead to prosocial behavior in humans and other species

Contextual Behavioral Science

The practical and effective method for positive behavior change

Any group, anywhere in the world

PROSOCIAL is already making a difference for groups of all kinds

Donate and help us bring PROSOCIAL to the world

With your help we will develop an online platform that can be used by any group, anywhere in the world

Every group using the platform will be contributing to our ongoing research

An online tool will enable us to track our success and more easily improve our method. As we learn from observing large numbers of groups who use it, we'll have access to more data.

The platform will eventually pay for itself

Once established, we want to offer PROSOCIAL free of charge to qualifying non-profits. A revenue stream will be provided by for-profit businesses and groups, as well as training courses for facilitators.

E-learning for facilitators, tools for groups and a social network of support

There are several stages of PROSOCIAL, and every single one of them could be amplified with online tools. We're working through a Lean model of development, starting with the basics and working our way up as we learn from feedback.

Donations from individuals and private foundations are especially important at this stage, as we need funds to help pay for the development cost of the platform.


Become a Prosocial facilitator

An introduction to becoming a Prosocial facilitator

At the end of this online course you will be able to use a simple but highly effective set of tools for mobilizing deep change with individuals and groups. Help groups become more purposeful, equitable, inclusive, accountable and harmonious, even if they have experienced conflict or disengagement, evaluate the effectiveness of any group.

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