A ProSocial World research initiative funded by the John Templeton Foundation, the ProSocial Spiritual Communities Initiative, aims to integrate contemplative practices and interspiritual elements into ProSocial World’s scientifically-based framework. The cornerstone of the initiative, the ProSocial Spirituality Active Group Engagement (P-SAGE) program, has shown remarkable success in fostering environments of love, compassion, and self discovery within spiritual communities. By emphasizing trustworthy spaces, contemplative practices, interspirituality concepts, and effective group collaboration principles, P-SAGE has garnered praise for its ability to cultivate cohesion, collaboration, and personal growth among participants.

Testimonials highlight the program's effectiveness in nurturing supportive environments conducive to deep connections and insightful interactions, ultimately fostering a culture of understanding, empathy, and development. The findings underscore the transformative power of collective endeavors grounded in shared values, authenticity, and mutual respect, positioning PSAGE as a pioneering program driving both individual and collective evolution within spiritual communities.

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