The Science of the Noosphere masterclass, a partnership between Human Energy and ProSocial World, aimed to unite a diverse group of participants interested in exploring the concept of the noosphere—a collective sphere of human knowledge, culture, and potential. Over the course of 10 weeks, the masterclass delved into 25 video conversations featuring experts discussing scientific concepts related to the noosphere, as originally conceived by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin in the early 1900s. With many of these experts serving as guest speakers, peer interaction and engagement were integral to the class experience, leading to the emergence of self-organized interest groups. Furthermore, the masterclass served as a unique laboratory for studying how minds can change within the context of collaborative learning, emphasizing research conducted with participants rather than on them.

The research component of the masterclass added depth to the experience, with twice-weekly Zoom sessions and asynchronous interactions allowing for rich data collection. Pre- and posttest measures, including psychometric surveys and analysis tools like Multidimensional Scaling (MDS) and daily measurements using the Process-Based Assessment Tool (PBAT), revealed significant outcomes. Notably, psychometric data showed a statistically significant increase in social connectedness among participants at the post-test. The pre-test MDS findings, show tightly grouped clusters of data points representing both positive and negative valence items related to worldviews, views of society today, and views of society 100 years from today. The clusters became less dense at the post-test. This suggests a nuanced perspective among participants, acknowledging current societal challenges while maintaining hope for a more positive future, characterized by a more positive response to collective well-being and environmental stewardship.

Further analysis using natural language processing techniques promises to deepen these insights, offering a more comprehensive understanding of participants' experiences and perceptions throughout the masterclass. Stay tuned for more insights on measuring worldview change!