Regenerative Love Network

This project report describes the two 6-month cycles of training and action learning, along with program outcomes and impacts.

Dr. Robert Styles, Director of Health with ProSocial World, facilitated the first phase of the project in collaboration with CollabSoul as in-country representatives (Brazil). CollabSoul played a crucial role in the second phase by customizing the ProSocial approach to suit specific contextual needs for change. The method combines a “bottom up” approach of working with functionally oriented groups with a “top down” approach of working with the organizations in a position to empower these groups, spread best practices along their respective social networks, and work with each other at still larger scales.

Throughout the project, participants were introduced to processes designed to cultivate their capacity to show up more fully as human beings. They also learned how to act with increasing self-determination in a direction that is truly valued, not only in relation to what is intrinsically important to them but also within the social and organizational context they are a part of. Why is this important? We think that, for all of us, that has become self-evident. To respond adequately to the challenges of our time we need to find new ways.

Key Outcomes

Through interviews, participatory videos, and surveys, the network showcased its success in implementing ProSocial’s principles of effective group functioning and more. Participants evaluated the perceived level of CDP implementation and other indicators of network health, revealing a cooperative network of organizations characterized by equitable power distribution, inclusive decision-making, cooperation, and conflict resolution. The responses also highlighted strong bonds of trust, deep sense of belonging, pride, and commitment among group members, which were not only expressed but visibly evident.

“It’s about consciousness of multi-level change that we are nurturing but also the internal change that comes in the emerging space of wisdom.” - Marcelo, CollabSoul
“I am inspired by my personal growth as a leader and my dedication to empowering young people in indigenous villages. I now have a clear vision for creating positive change and providing alternatives to negative behaviors.” - Marilene, Ka’aguy Arandu


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Funding for this project provided by the Templeton World Charity Foundation