The sciences behind The ARC Process converge to create the science of working better together

The ARC Process teaches us how to develop and act on our collective consciousness with purpose, which in our view is a function of three considerations:


  1. Awareness of our internal thoughts

  2. The quality of our Relationships

  3. The Cultural agreements we create

The Prosocial ARC Process is firmly grounded in scientific theory and research, and we are continually researching various applications of the process to help strengthen our evidence and our methods. 

While evolutionary science focuses on adaptations of individuals and groups over time, it also provides a set of practical tools to help groups of all sorts function better and adapt to ever-changing environments. ‍ The Prosocial ARC Process harnesses these tools in an evidence-based method for increasing motivation, satisfaction, and productivity among group members in many contexts.

Our framework is derived from three disciplines:

Contextual Behavioral Science (CBS)

CBS refers to the applied study of behavior in the context of everyday life, including behavioral, cognitive, and mindfulness-based therapeutic and training techniques.

Political Science & Economics

Prosocial co-founder, David Sloan Wilson, worked with Elinor Ostrom for three years to generalize her core design principles approach and turn it into a practical change method.


Modern evolutionary science provides the general theoretical framework for integrating CBS, political science & economics, and other branches of science that are typically isolated from each other.

The Prosocial ARC Process provides a set of practical tools to help groups adapt to ever-changing environments.

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The method is a powerful approach to improving outcomes for groups of all sizes and can help groups work with other groups to expand the scale of positive change - ultimately to the scale of the whole earth. ‍

Our interactive course, taken with the help of a facilitator, will start you and your group on this path. You can also forge your own path to positive change by becoming a facilitator and joining a worldwide community to catalyze greater harmony in all walks of life.