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What does a Prosocial facilitator do?

Prosocial is designed to work with groups with the help of trained facilitators, who guide group members through the steps of the Prosocial Path and stay in touch with the group over the long term. Facilitators can be physically present with the group or can work remotely through the Internet.


A ten-week online course (1 hour per week with approximately 2-3 hours of homework between meetings) is taught on a regular basis. We are also starting to run face-to-face workshops all around the world. Please check the dates of our upcoming courses and events.

To learn more about the content and timing of the training courses, or to apply for a scholarship if you are unwaged, a student or from a low income country, please visit our training organisation, the Prosocial Institute here


Anyone who has experience working with groups, or who wishes to gain experience, can become a Prosocial facilitator. The more experience and training in other change methods, the better. We seek to compare, complement, and assess rather than compete with other change methods. Some Prosocial facilitators already have highly successful consulting practices and still found that Prosocial added to their toolkit of methods.


Since our goal is to spread the use of Prosocial as far and wide as possible, we are avoiding narrow certification procedures. At the same time, we recognize the need to give credit for training and experience working with groups. We are in the process of developing a competency based system for recognition of learning.

Payment and scholarships             

We charge relatively modest fees for the course to learn to be a Prosocial facilitator and we regularly offer scholarships to make the methods as widely available as possible. Although we do not currently charge license fees to use the name Prosocial or the materials that we provide you in the training, we require that you give appropriate Creative Commons attribution to Prosocial.World as the source of the method when you are talking to your clients. In addition, we would greatly appreciate it if you could shareany data you collect with us so that we can continue to improve the method.

Our community and support

We are building a worldwide community of developers, researchers, facilitators, and groups to spread the use of Prosocial as far and wide as possible. We encourage entrepreneurship and experimentation, while at the same time maximizing the benefits of cooperation, including:

● Online resources for facilitators to work with their groups (The Prosocial Path).
● Advanced training and mentoring opportunities.
● A directory of facilitators that can increase opportunities for working with single groups.
● Collaborative research and implementation projects for working in multi-group “cultural ecosystems.

Training and events

Anyone who works with groups can become part of Prosocial