Work together to enhance the provision of high-quality health and social care focused on the individual’s needs.

The effective integration of consumer-centric healthcare services from across a healthcare system (individuals, families, health professionals, community health workers, and the broader health system) is currently frustrated by several integrated factors involving political, technological, economic, environmental, social/institutional issues. The critical and uncertain nature of these factors creates a context where both the providers and consumers of healthcare are experiencing a variety of inequities that undermine trust and collaborative capacity.

Despite pockets of exemplary work generally, the system is siloed, unnecessarily competitive, costly, and inefficient. Consequently, the well-being of all involved, providers and consumers alike, is being negatively impacted. Much greater cooperation is needed across the system.  

Creating more integrated care systems benefits not just patients, but also carers, health care providers, and the broader health care system. Patients benefit through receiving care more targeted to their needs, as well as improved efficiencies and outcomes. This is particularly true for those with complex needs such as chronic health and mental illnesses. Workers within the system benefit from increasing their skills, effectiveness, and efficiency. The system benefits through a reduction of inefficiencies, and a clearer focus on purpose.

ProSocial Health provides a focus on improving integrated healthcare within various contexts, or field sites, across Scotland, the UK, America, Canada, and Australia. Through a variety of participative action research programs, the aim is to translate research evidence into health policy and health practice and to improve health services and processes. 


The aim of ProSocial Health is to enhance the provision of high-quality health and social care focused on the individual’s needs. We aim to achieve this by measurably enhancing trust, reciprocity, and cooperation at each level of the system through the implementation of the ProSocial Core Processes and thus cultivate:

Healthcare environments that provide enhanced access to the right care at the right time for consumers, families and their carers, and staff., as well as connected systems with excellence in communication and navigation between services 

Health promotion, prevention, early intervention, shared decision-making, and self-care including healthcare service interventions that are responsive, coordinated, and targeted

Healthcare systems that coach consumers to be active partners in their care and coordinate more efficient services through a continuation of care, providing services that are effectively delivered in varying demographics 

Where possible, care is delivered in community settings or close to home in a way that connects the primary and tertiary health care resources and enables consumers to engage with the health care system actively and effectively

Improved well-being and satisfaction of care providers and other staff, through the elimination of barriers to good communication, clarification of roles, and support to work to the top of their scope of practice

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