The ProSocial Commons is an action oriented co-created support and engagement group offering seminars, book clubs, and topic-based circles.

What is your passion for changing the world in a positive direction?

What is The ProSocial Commons [PC]?

The ProSocial Commons [PC] is an engagement group that provides a way for you to support and embody ProSocial World. In the PC, you have the opportunity to join and co-create groups with a broad range of purposes and activities that are fulfilling for you. The PC allows you to pursue your passion more effectively by connecting with passionate and diverse individuals driven by a common interest, mission, or goal.

Activities and Opportunities within the PC include:

A weekly seminar series and discussion groups featuring speakers from a diverse range of fields

Weekly informal cafes and book clubs to connect with other members

Online community platform Hylo, to support group activity, discussions, and conversations

Communities of learning and practice with specific topic areas emerged from the interests of our members (Current groups include Evolutionary Philosophy, Examined Lives, Arts and Evolution, Economics and Business, Child Development and Education, and more)

An opportunity to learn and practice using PW's practical toolkit in a friendly, supportive setting

An opportunity to learn about and become involved in other branches of PW

The PC is open to everyone, regardless of your current level of knowledge or skill set. *

To join the ProSocial Commons,
visit our community page

In the Words of ProSocial Commons Members:

“I think of the PC as a gathering place and starting point to spark and catalyze relationships, networks, and learning projects.”

“With the PC, you’re giving people tools to empower themselves and say “you matter. We want to hear what your opinion is. You are included.”

“For me, the PC is a collective of like-minded individuals, where I feel there is space to play at a variety of different levels, whether individually, in clusters, or at large.”

“I think of the PC as a gathering place and a starting point to spark or catalyze relationships, networks, and learning projects toward designing a world that works for everyone.”