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Where evolution meets transformation.

Not just another change method.

We’re changing how we change.

What is Prosocial Spirituality?

Prosocial Spirituality is a research-based training program designed to meet
the needs of 21st-century groups seeking both inner and outer change.

Research Initiative

Prosocial Spirituality is currently engaged in a two-year research program funded by the Templeton ReligiousTrust. In collaboration with Prosocial World and Contemplative Life, we're gathering and analyzing data that tracks our training's impact both within and among Prosocial Spirituality groups.

Who is Prosocial Spirituality for?

Spiritual & religious groups
We offer groups the tools and practices they need to flourish as authentic, meaningful, inclusive spiritual & religious communities.
Self-organising groups
We meet the complex and evolving needs of community action groups, political movements, and non-hierarchical groups.
New and expanding groups
Our method clearly outlines goals and internal processes so new groups can get their feet on the ground and established groups can grow.
Groups in conflict
Our training is designed to help balance the inner and outer experience so groups can align around a shared purpose and overcome divisive obstacles.
Business & technical teams
Our method works well for groups of all kinds, in conjunction with agile development practices and other organizational management tools.
Educational groups
We equip educators and students with frameworks that facilitate innovation and collaboration in both teaching and learning.

Communities of Practice

Our platform fosters collaboration and cooperation both within and among Prosocial groups in an ecosystem of evolutionary change makers.

Training Programs

Never before has evolutionary science and evolutionary spirituality come together in a program specifically designed to promote both inner and outer transformation.