Complexity Adventures June Basecamp

Sunday June 25 4-8p EDT (Michael Lennon's sessions 5-7p EDT)
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Self-organizing intermingling with complexity-aware groups. This is not a ProSocial World sponsored event.

For those who attended the Complexity Unconference with us and our friends from Earth Regenerators, Deep Transformation Network, and For the Good of All NOW! in April and are interested in continuing to meet with connections they made, join the monthly basecamp meetings! Our intergroup will be engaging in a sprint about how to use AI to promote ProSocial between groups, but there will be other topics of discussion as well! This will allow for self-organizing and continued engagement in what you find interesting while allowing for intergroup collaboration. See below for the ProSocial inspired event from 5-6p ET:

Session Working Title:  Evolving Connected Human Intelligence (with AI?).

Clusters of neurons grow into collectively smarter networks ("self-assembling brains") which in turn can become meta-networks of connected wisdom.  

Can the self-assembly principles which describe how neurons evolve into smarter "connected learning clusters" (and fractally into meta-smarter networks of clusters) be extended from inside human brains to human groups and larger collectives?  Might neighborhoods, networks, or cities be able to extend these principles to better co-regulate the care of bioregions and watersheds or boost self-organizing collaboration towards macro (planetary) goals?

This session will explore intriguing ideas and principles from information science and neurobiology for building self-assembling connected intelligence.  We will also aim to identify promising opportunities for "extending the collective learning edges of our self-organizing intelligence" (a.k.a. connected consciousness").