Prosocial Embodiment Workshop

Monday May 20 at 5:30pm ET

ProSocial Commons

Learn the synergistic postural, psychological, and social power of the simple smile!‍

I hope you will join us this coming Monday to explore the somatic and social significance of the sensitive axial line of the body, the deep core, as well as one of its major subsystems, the orofacial complex. Learn the synergistic postural, psychological, and social power of the simple smile!

The Fascia Revolution

The recent rediscovery of fascia, our connective tissue matrix, has been a powerful impetus to viewing our body and life in a more interconnected way. If evolution is Prosocial, this means that it life is fundamentally interconnected and interdependent. The fascia revolution is part of this grand paradigm shift towards complexity, connection, and cooperation. The solution starts inside of you! We make the connections inside ourselves first—this is the value of the new synergistic anatomy of the fascial system.

Prosociality begins within.

Come and explore this new fascial anatomy in the form of the deep core myofascial synergy—our sensitive and responsive postural core. We will explore this and also move into a major subsystem, the orofacial complex, where we will learn about how the simple smile can be a powerful agent of personal and social change.The smile brings the face together in a delightful gesture that also centrates and stabilizes the posture of the head and neck. Awareness and activation in the front balances the tension we often feel at the back of the neck. Neurologically, synergy in this powerful structure induces a mood shift in the brain that is highly adaptive and resilient. The smile brings us together within ourselves but is also profoundly Prosocial, welcoming others into connection and community.

Put it on your calendar!

Prosocial Embodiment Workshop

Monday May 20, 2024 2:30pm PST/5:30pm EST

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