ProSocial in the Workplace A ProSocial Commons Learning-to-Action Group

Thursday March 23 12pm ET / 5pm UTC

ProSocial Commons

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Free Introductory Meeting for ProSocial in the Workplace, a new Prosocial Commons Learning-to-Action Group

ProSocial in the Workplace

A new Prosocial Commons Learning-to-Action Group

Lead Initiator: Andrew Brady

Informational zoom meetings: Thursday, March 23, at 12pm ET


Workplace environments are one of the most important fields of application for ProSocial's governance and adaptability methods. Multilevel Cultural Evolution provides nothing less than a paradigmatic alternative to neoclassical economics and the shareholder value model, which has dominated the business world for the last 50 years. 


Many Prosocial Commons members are business owners, business consultants, or otherwise have a strong interest in applying ProSocial in workplace environments. In fact, a "Business Action Group" has been meeting on and off for years, resulting in a special edition of TVOL, presentations at the American Management Association annual meetings, and more. 


This Learning-to-Action Group will focus on the challenges and opportunities of implementing ProSocial in workplace environments. The lead initiator will be Andrew Brady, who runs a business consulting firm in Rochester, New York, has been engaged in ProSocial for many years, and is also engaged in the positive psychology and Conscious Capitalism movements. 


Andrew's role as lead initiator will be to moderate a co-creation process that includes everyone who joins the group. An early goal is to form a stewardship circle that plays a collective leadership role and is well-governed by the core design principles and ACT Matrix.


Since the ProSocial Commons is a support and engagement group for ProSocial World, this Learning-to-Action group will interface with other economics and business-related initiatives taking place within the larger organization, to their mutual benefit. 

An organizational meeting has been scheduled on Thursday, March 23 at noon US. Please join here to register, even if you are unable to attend these first meetings. Deciding upon a weekly meeting schedule will be one of the first orders of business. A digital home has been set up for the group on Hylo, which can be accessed upon registration.


Those who would like to join this group and are not yet members of the Prosocial Commons are welcome to register along with PC members, where they can learn more about the PC and how to join.