ProSocial in the Workplace Seminar: Mapping Agile Tools onto the Core Design Principles

Thursday May 4 at 12p EST / 4:00p UTC

ProSocial Commons

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Weekly meetings for ProSocial in the Workplace: A new Prosocial Commons Learning-to-Action Group


Mapping Agile Tools onto the Core Design Principles (and other sneaky ways to increase prosociality in the workplace)

Hadassah Mativetsky – Bio:

Hadassah Mativetsky is the Business Development Manager and a Quality Engineer at RL Quality Management Services as well as an Entrepreneur in Residence at Binghamton University. Prior, she worked at Universal Instruments in Conklin NY as the Quality Assurance Manager following a promotion from Software Quality Engineer. Before switching to industry, Hadassah worked closely with Distinguished Professor David Sloan Wilson coordinating the Evolutionary Studies Program as well as portions of his research. She co-edited Darwin’s Roadmap to the Curriculum published by Oxford University Press. She has presented on Prosocial, the first change method based on evolutionary science that enhances cooperation and collaboration for groups, to organizations including Project Management Institute (PMI), American Society for Quality (ASQ), and Toastmasters International. You can follow Hadassah on Twitter @Haddie

ProSocial in the Workplace Learning-to-Action Group

Workplace environments are one of the most important fields of application for ProSocial's governance and adaptability methods. Multilevel Cultural Evolution provides nothing less than a paradigmatic alternative to neoclassical economics and the shareholder value model, which has dominated the business world for the last 50 years. Many Prosocial Commons members are business owners, business consultants, or otherwise have a strong interest in applying ProSocial in workplace environments. In fact, a "Business Action Group" has been meeting on and off for years, resulting in a edition of TVOL, presentations at the American Management Association annual meetings, and more. This Learning-to-Action Group will focus on the challenges and opportunities of implementing ProSocial in workplace environments. The lead initiator will be Andrew Brady, who runs a business consulting firm in Rochester, New York, has been engaged in ProSocial for many years, and is also engaged in the positive psychology and Conscious Capitalism movements. Since the ProSocial Commons is a support and engagement group for ProSocial World, this Learning-to-Action group will interface with other economics and business-related initiatives taking place within the larger organization, to their mutual benefit.

On May 18, Gavin Watson will be presenting on collaboration potential between ProSocial and Conscious Capitalism.

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