Seminar: Psychological Perspectives on Climate Change

Friday March 8th at 12pm ET

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Free Seminar and Q&A Session


Considering the Great Unraveling and polycrisis we are facing as a humanity, there seems to be no shortage of existential dread, doom, denial and overwhelm. Opening her eyes and facing the feelings and facts of the climate crisis more fully in the last years, Viveka sought to contribute psychosocial perspectives to the discussion and engagement and co-taught the first academic course on "Psychology and Climate Change" at Lund University in Sweden in 2023. She draws from her background as a clinical psychologist specializing in contextual behavioral science (e.g., Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), relational/affective science (e.g., Emotion Focused Therapy), and, more recently, climate psychology. In this seminar, Viveka will give a brief overview on cognitive, affective, relational and behavioral dimensions on the climate crisis and, if time permits, ways of tipping our focus toward The Great Turning (Macy & Johnstone, Active Hope, 2022).


Viveka Ramel, PhD, is a clinical psychologist running private practices in San Francisco, CA from Lund, Sweden. She also teaches at the Department of Psychology at Lund University and consults with organizations and groups seeking to apply and integrate prosociality, psychological flexibility, mindfulness, mental sustainability, and emotional intelligence into their cultures.