Seminar: The Role of ProSocial in Catalyzing Paradigm Change in Economics and Business with David Sloan Wilson

Friday January 26th at 12pm ET
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Free Seminar and Q&A Session


In 1898--126 years ago--the economist Thorstein Veblen posed the question "Why is Economics Not An Evolutionary Science?" The fact that his title and indeed the whole article remains timely speaks volumes about the rates and directions of cultural change for important topic areas such as economics and business. I will provide an overview of economics and business from an evolutionary perspective, with an emphasis on the catalytic role that ProSocial World is in a position to play.

About the Speaker:

David Sloan Wilson is president of ProSocial World and has studied economics and business from an evolutionary perspective for over 15 years, including his collaboration with Elinor Ostrom, who received the Nobel Prize in economics in 2009.

Optional background resources to explore before the seminar:

A New Economic Paradigm for People and Planet (forum organized by the Royal Society for Arts and Manufactures)

The Making of Rethinking the Theoretical Foundation of Economics (a conversation with Dennis Snower)