Seminar: Ubuntu and the Noosphere: Exploring Insights for Collective Consciousness and Prosociality with Heinrich Volmink

Friday May 24th at 12pm ET
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Heinrich Volmink
Free Seminar and Q&A Session

Ubuntu, an African philosophy which expresses the idea that “I am because we are,” has the potential of offering profound social value in that it underscores the primacy of empathy and human interconnectedness. But what is its relationship to conceptualizations of collective consciousness? More specifically, how does Ubuntu relate to de Chardin and Vernadsky’s thesis of the Noosphere? Can such an exploration yield insights of relevance to prosocial discourse?

Extra preparation links:

1. Human Energy. The Story of the Noosphere. Video Series. Available at:

2. Volmink (2010). Ubuntu From Concept To Practice: Gleaning Lessons For Global Citizenship And Governance. MPA dissertation. Available at:

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