An Evolution Institute Report on Socially Responsible Businesses

Can businesses do well by doing good? Yes, according to this report headed by EI President David Sloan Wilson. The report provides a much needed alternative to the “Greed is Good” philosophy of orthodox economic theory, which has dominated the curriculum of business schools for over 50 years. Social responsibility can be a successful business strategy, but only if business groups implement certain design principles, both internally and in their relations with other groups. The design principles provide a blueprint for an upward virtuous spiral that is already in progress in some sectors of the business world.

The report features an analysis of B-Corps, one of numerous social responsibility movements taking place around the world. The EI thanks B-Corp CEO Jay Coen Gilbert for his help and is interested in partnering with both single businesses and consortia of businesses to help catalyze the cultural evolution of socially responsible business practices.

You can view and download a copy of the report here [PDF]