An online lecture and in-depth discussion with J. Arvid Agren and David Sloan Wilson

Friday, December 16 at 6pm EST


Arvid Agren's book The Gene's Eye View of Evolution (Oxford University Press, 2021), is a highly praised scholarly account of the concept of selfish genes, which Richard Dawkins made hugely popular in 1976. Dawkins himself calls Agren's book "the most thorough reading of the relevant literature that I have ever encountered...he gets it right." However, a careful reading of Agren's book shows that quite a lot has changed from Dawkins' original conception. Agren and Wilson have already recorded a TVOL podcast that takes a deep dive, based on Agren's scholarly knowledge and Wilson having lived through the period. In the seminar, they will summarize the high points of their podcast and have an extended Q&A with the audience.


J. Arvid Agren is an evolutionary biologist whose work is deeply rooted in the history and philosophy of biology. David Sloan Wilson is president of ProSocial World and a well-known critic of selfish gene theory in relation to group selection theory. Richard Dawkins described Wilson's perspective as "sheer, wanton, head-in-bag perversity".

Reading Material:

Audience members will get the most out of the seminar if they listen to their podcast in preparation.