Starting January 2024

ProSocial Action Lab

Consciously evolving a world that works for all.

Start date: Last week of January 2024
End date: Fourth week of April 2024

Groups from around the world will come together to play, learn, research and practice their collaborative skills. This is an opportunity for your team to join others that are dedicated to deepening relationships, finding shared purpose, and enhancing group effectiveness.

Participants will also be invited to contribute to a global research project to discern what is most needed at this critical time to create a more prosocial world.

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The Action Lab

This 13-week lab is about learning and action! Each team will be paired with a ProSocial coach to accompany their journey.

Groups will deepen their understanding of individual and group strengths and identify the steps most needed to take them to the next level of increased trust, collaboration and effectiveness.

This Action Lab is split into four phases:
Phase 1: Orienting, Learning and Connecting
Phase 2: Consciously Evolving Oneself
Phase 3: Consciously Evolving Your Group
Phase 4: Sharing and Celebrating

At the end of the program...

Your group will have:

Group members will have:

Is this Action Lab right for my group?

This course is for group members who are:


This Action Lab is for group of two or more that are:

Welcoming of uncertainty
Desiring positive impact
Committed to taking action together

If you have any questions about the ProSocial Action Lab or if this lab is right for your group, please contact courses@prosocial.world

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Time Commitment

We ask you and your team to show up fully. That means being generous with your talents while showing up with curiosity and humility to learn and gain new wisdom.

Please commit 4-6 hours of time each week, for 13 weeks.

Self-paced Learning - 90+ min weekly readings, pre-recorded teaching videos and activities

Group Learning - 90 min weekly calls held on Zoom

Financial Commitment

We ask that each group pay within their capacity. As Miki Kashtan puts it, “give the most that you can without overstretching or resentment.”

It costs ProSocial World approximately $4000 per group of 2 to 3 people and $6000 per group of 4 to 6 people to offer this Action Lab.

Those selected to participate in the Action Lab will be invited to choose a payment ranging from $50 USD to $8000 USD per team. 

That means if your group is able, we ask you to contribute $4000-$6,000 USD, or more, to help cover the costs of others who cannot afford the full tuition. 

We celebrate prosocial generosity which enables a more diverse and inclusive Action Lab. We strive to demonstrate impact in places that really matter. In that spirit, we recognize and honor the many valuable attributes your team will bring to the ProSocial Action Lab beyond money. If your group has been systematically marginalized and your team is unable to afford $4000 USD please do not let price be a barrier. We celebrate the inspiration, rich experience, and diverse perspectives your group can offer. 

If you have any questions about your financial commitment please email us at community@prosocial.world

Research Participation

As part of the Action Lab, participants will be invited to contribute their insights as part of a global research project to discern what is most needed to create a more prosocial world.

We ask that you participate honestly and fully in our research process. Your feedback will help us improve this Action Lab and contribute to the scientific body on pro-sociality.

Participating in the research aspect is fully voluntary and optional.

How to Apply

Each group member will need to apply separately.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis through January 18

If you have any questions about the ProSocial Action Lab or if this lab is right for your group, please contact courses@prosocial.world

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Meetings Calendar

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Action Lab sessions begin the last week of January 2024 and runs for 13 weeks through April 2024. See exact session dates and times below: