Child Development and Education Learning-to-Action Group Introductory Meeting

Thursday March 2nd 7pm ET / 12am UTC

ProSocial Commons

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Intro Meeting for Child Development and Education from an Evolutionary Perspective: a new “Learning-to-Action” group

Child Development and Education from an Evolutionary Perspective

A New ProSocial Commons Learning-to-Action Group


Despite the best intentions of parents on behalf of their children and nations on behalf of their next generation, child development and education often go terribly, terribly wrong. Even the most affluent families and nations are affected, signifying that the root of the problem is how we are thinking about it.


Evolutionary science can help us rethink child development and education, along with so many other topic areas. The Prosocial Commons is pleased to announce a new “Learning-to-Action” group, which is designed for anyone to first learn about child development and education from an evolutionary perspective and then to apply their newfound knowledge to their own families, neighborhoods, and schools.


No prior knowledge of evolution is required to join the group—only an interest in the topic of child development and education and the desire to put new ideas into practice. The first meetings will allow us to assess who has come together and what activities are best suited to help us climb our respective learning curves.


Interactions will take place via zoom meetings and on a digital platform called Hylo. A wonderful outcome will be for local community groups to form where interactions can take place offline.


For a taste of “what evolution has to do with it”, please view this seminar and online material by Peter Gray titled The Anxiety Epidemic In Children: What Are the Causes? Peter is one of a growing community of experts who are rethinking child development and education from an evolutionary perspective, who will be happy to interact with us.


To learn more about this opportunity, please register here and you will be instructed how to join the Hylo site, where you can introduce yourself and meet other members. An introductory zoom meeting has been scheduled for Thursday, March 2, at 7PM Eastern US, and additional meeting(s) will be scheduled for those who cannot attend this one.

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