Research Seminar: Conscious Multilevel Cultural Evolution: Theory, Practice, and Two Case Studies with Robert Styles

Monday July 8 at 4pm ET / 8pm GMT

ProSocial Research

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Free research seminar and Q&A with the speaker


Recently, Drs. David Sloan Wilson, Robert Syles, and Paul Atkins published an article titled Conscious Multilevel Cultural Evolution: Theory, Practice, and Two Case Studies. The abstract states, "Darwin’s theory of evolution is increasingly being used to guide positive change efforts. We briefly summarize the theory and practice of conscious multilevel cultural evolution and provide two case studies at the scale of whole institutions, in which continuous improvement is exceptionally well documented." In this seminar, Dr. Styles will speak to these and other case studies demonstrating the efficacy of the approaches employed to orchestrate institutional and cultural change based on the sciences informing the work and research we are doing in ProSocial.

About the Speaker:

I initially trained in music then, in a later chapter of my life went on to become an academic doing applied research in the field of Contextual Behavioral Science through the Australian National University.Over the last couple of decades, this stream of activity allowed me to work with communities, organizations, and governments across Australia, the Pacific, Africa, Europe and the Americas.I have learned to apply a change method based on behavioral and evolutionary science that has demonstrably enhanced cooperation and collaborations for groups of all types and sizes, in some instances at a global scale. This has meant co-designing behavioral and evolutionary approaches to realizing environmental and socio-cultural resilience, and well-being for those I have worked with. Lessons I look forward to sharing with you.