ProSocial Action Lab

August 28 - October 31 2024

Learning and Engagement

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Groups from around the world will come together to learn, research, play and practice their collaborative skills.

When is this course offered?

August 28- October 31 2024 | Cohort 1: Wednesdays 5:00 pm EDT /10 pm UK / 7:00 am ACT | Cohort 2: Thursdays 2:00 am EDT / 7:00 am UK / 4:00 pm ACT

Who is this course for?

Groups or members of groups who want to apply ProSocial in their context with personal coaching support and action research tools. Some experience in ProSocial methods and concepts will be helpful but is not necessary.

What is the time commitment?

Weekly 1.5 online meeting + recommended 1.5 hours of learning and applying ideas in own group and self reflection per week