ProSocial Café - Consciously Developing Democracy

Friday May 3 at noon

ProSocial Commons

Join us on Friday May 3rd at noon ET at the ProSocial Café to begin thinking about consciously developing our democracy

In seven years Americans across the political spectrum have begun to bridge our divides and set courses for fixing our democracy’s big problems. A phenomenal start!

But is it enough?

Is it enough to enable everyday people to move dynamically toward making our democracy “by, of, and for” everyday people?

Really? Is it enough?

If the 21st century is telling us anything, it’s saying, “No! It’s not enough. Not by a longshot! ”

What drums are beating for achieving that radical dream? Where has that passion gone to travel that path?

Answers and conclusions are premature at this time. , but we believe now is the time to begin talking about it.

So, what needs to be done?

We need a place to begin rethinking and re-imagining how to develop a full blown democracy, not simply to save what we have.

Let’s gather at the ProSocial Café at high noon on May 3rd and begin building that place.