ProSocial in the Workplace Seminar: ProSocial in the Conscious Capital Movement

Thursday May 18 at 6:00p ET / 10:00p UTC

ProSocial Commons

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Gavin Watson
Biweekly seminar for ProSocial in the Workplace: A new Prosocial Commons Learning-to-Action Group

ProSocial in the Conscious Capital Movement


Conscious Capitalism appeals to many of us especially those who are disenchanted with the current business model. Others, however, are convinced that the shareholder capitalism model of neoliberal economics is based on a proven theory, therefore Conscious Capitalism and other similar systems (though well-meaning) must be wrong. Any of the abundant evidence to the contrary is viewed as pure circumstantial luck.

What Conscious Capitalism has been lacking is a robust theory explaining WHY Conscious businesses outperform the competition and why the neoliberal business model is not the full story.

David Sloan Wilson’s multi-level selection model is the theory Conscious Capitalism has been missing.

This Learning-to-Action Group will focus on the challenges of explaining Conscious Capitalism and its 4 principles to mildly skeptical groups, and the benefits of introducing the concepts of multi-level selection first, followed by an explanation of Conscious Capitalism in those terms.

Many of us are looking for better ways to explain this paradigm shift to our fellow business people. This presentation is part of that discussion.


Gavin was chair of his family’s third-generation business, Watson Inc when the family sold the company in 2019. At the time the business was sold the company had 330 employees and was doing 100 million in sales.

Gavin's book "Altruistic Business, Why Conscious Business Outperforms the Competition" was released on January 25, 2023. The book is available on Amazon, Barnes & Nobel,, and Books-A-Million

Along with several members of the Connecticut Chapter of Conscious Capitalism Gavin helped design a Conscious Leadership Network program for business, non-profit, and business education professionals interested in co-learning about Conscious Business.

ProSocial in the Workplace Learning-to-Action Group

Workplace environments are one of the most important fields of application for ProSocial's governance and adaptability methods. Multilevel Cultural Evolution provides nothing less than a paradigmatic alternative to neoclassical economics and the shareholder value model, which has dominated the business world for the last 50 years. Many Prosocial Commons members are business owners, business consultants, or otherwise have a strong interest in applying ProSocial in workplace environments. In fact, a "Business Action Group" has been meeting on and off for years, resulting in a edition of TVOL, presentations at the American Management Association annual meetings, and more. This Learning-to-Action Group will focus on the challenges and opportunities of implementing ProSocial in workplace environments. The lead initiator will be Andrew Brady, who runs a business consulting firm in Rochester, New York, has been engaged in ProSocial for many years, and is also engaged in the positive psychology and Conscious Capitalism movements. Since the ProSocial Commons is a support and engagement group for ProSocial World, this Learning-to-Action group will interface with other economics and business-related initiatives taking place within the larger organization, to their mutual benefit.

On May 18, Gavin Watson will be presenting on collaboration potential between ProSocial and Conscious Capitalism.

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