Transforming Business and Education- Leading towards Flourishing

June 3 · 8:30am - June 7 · 5:30pm EDT
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David Sloan Wilson

Conference: Transforming Business and Education Fordham Gabelli School of Business

Featuring ProSocial World President, David Sloan Wilson, as the keynote speaker "Rethinking the Foundations of Business and Business Education- The evolutionary perspective"

Transforming Business and Education- Leading Towards Flourishing

Humanistic leadership is no longer a choice of leadership style; it is the way our business leaders must lead to bring about a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and the health of our planet is preserved.

Part of the PRME Responsible Management Week

Overview: In a time of polycrisis the economic system, businesses, and business education are under pressure to adapt. Leadership requires a different paradigmatic framework as the world is struggling to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This conference brings together leaders in various fields such as social innovation, evolutionary science, and humanistic leadership that work to transform the current economic system to become life-conducive. The convenors host research workshops to develop and cocreate papers that advance new-paradigm thinking about foundations for economics, business and business education. The conference also brings together leading academics, companies, and practitioners, to connect and explore partnerships. Finally, the conference hosts two days of professional capacity building with regard to pedagogy and community development.

Dates: June 3 to June 7, 2024

  • Research days: June 3- June 4
  • Partnership day: June 5
  • Professional Development: June 6 – June 7

Location: Fordham University, Gabelli School of Business, New York City

Audience: Business School Professors, Humanistically oriented Academics and Practitioners working to transform the economic system

Experience: The experience we create is a seamless support for research, partnerships and pedagogy support. We build community intentionally with events and engagement possibilities before and after the conference.