An online lecture and in-depth discussion with Clare Politano and Tibet Sprague

Friday, December 9 at 12pm EST


Technologies are products of the culture in which they emerge, and they guide the emergence of new cultures. New culture and new tools are coevolutionary. Therefore, to foster the emergence of prosocial cultures, we’ll need prosocial technology. This is the aim of digital community platform Hylo, which is a free, open-source, non-profit coordination tool for purpose-driven groups.

In this conversation, Hylo’s co-founders will share their vision for the platform and the underlying theory of change that animates this project. They will focus on the role of ProSocial on guiding the team internally and externally: in product development, stakeholder engagement, and as a fundamental component of the culture of ecological stewardship Hylo aims to nurture.

Can prosocial technology help generate cultural change that transforms human society into an enduring ecological civilization? Together, we’ll explore how prosocial technology and cultural evolution can support each other in reciprocal relationship.


Clare Politano is a technologist and strategist channeling resources to heal our communities and our planet. As a core steward of Terran Collective, she focuses on bioregional organizing and creating technology for a regenerative future. Clare works on partnerships and product development for open-source project Hylo (, the prosocial coordination platform for a thriving planet. After studying architecture and political science at the University of Virginia, she spent years building nonprofits and tech companies, including Regen Network, the Center for Science in the Public Interest, and the International Rescue Committee. Clare lives in Ohlone territory in the San Francisco Bay/Delta bioregion.

Tibet Sprague is a communitarian technologist, entrepreneur, and passionate evangelist of the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. He is a core steward of the Terran Collective, which amplifies cooperation among people working to regenerate our communities and our planet. Terran does this by building community, systems and tools that foster trust and collaboration, particularly focused in the Bay Area bioregion. Tibet is lead developer for one of Terran’s main projects Hylo – the prosocial coordination platform for a thriving planet.

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