We're very grateful for the reviewers' careful attention to the manuscript. Reviewer 1 requested a little more information on Nabokov's scientific profile in the introduction; we agreed and added it. S/he also thought we should give more context about the (non-) existence of the "sagum" in distantly related butterfly groups. We added some explanatory sentences to the "Epilogue" discussion of Fig. 3 to provide this extra information. We also deleted a casual use of the words "sexual selection" (which can have various, nuanced, meanings), which raised a concern, judging that the words were actually unnecessary to our intended content. Readers 2 and 3 expressed helpful comments or concurrences with our text (they were particularly well-informed on Nabokov and his scientific career). Readers 2 and 3 seemed to agree that little additional change was needed but noted several proofing matters. They each (especially Reader #2) pointed out several of our proofing errors, and made some suggestions for clearer or simply better phrasing, and we agreed with all of those, along with others that we found ourselves.