ProSocial in the Workplace Seminar: Organizational Behavior Management and ProSocial

Thursday July 13 at 6:00p ET / 10:00p UTC

ProSocial Commons

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Biweekly seminar for ProSocial in the Workplace: A new Prosocial Commons Learning-to-Action Group

Organizational Behavior Management and ProSocial


ProSocial incorporates Contextual Behavioral Science (CBS), the third wave of behavioral science. This presentation and subsequent discussion will focus on second wave principles which informed CBS, Performance Management, and Behavioral Systems Analysis.  Otherwise known as Organizational Behavior Management (OBM), these principles are derived from the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)and are applied at organizational levels to improve employee performance and engagement.  These principles are critical to the ProSocial process as well, particularly when considering Core Design Principles 2, 4, and 5.


Anna Purpera is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) who has provided ABA services to individuals on the autism spectrum for 8 years. She works as a Clinical Director of in-home ABA services with Autism Learning Partners and is an adjunct professor in Daemen University's Department of Behavioral Sciences. Anna has experience applying ABA principles to individuals with differing abilities, families and caregivers, employees and community groups.  As the Engagement Catalyst with ProSocial World, Anna supports topic circles and scaffolds ProSocial processes within the ProSocial Commons community.

ProSocial in the Workplace Learning-to-Action Group

Workplace environments are one of the most important fields of application for ProSocial's governance and adaptability methods. Multilevel Cultural Evolution provides nothing less than a paradigmatic alternative to neoclassical economics and the shareholder value model, which has dominated the business world for the last 50 years. Many Prosocial Commons members are business owners, business consultants, or otherwise have a strong interest in applying ProSocial in workplace environments. In fact, a "Business Action Group" has been meeting on and off for years, resulting in a special edition of TVOL, presentations at the American Management Association annual meetings, and more. This Learning-to-Action Group will focus on the challenges and opportunities of implementing ProSocial in workplace environments. The lead initiator will be Andrew Brady, who runs a business consulting firm in Rochester, New York, has been engaged in ProSocial for many years, and is also engaged in the positive psychology and Conscious Capitalism movements. Since the ProSocial Commons is a support and engagement group for ProSocial World, this Learning-to-Action group will interface with other economics and business-related initiatives taking place within the larger organization, to their mutual benefit.

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