Seminar: Leading Change in Ourselves for Our World

Friday November 10 at 12p ET / 10a MT

ProSocial Commons

Free webinar presented by climate scientist, Heidi Steltzer.

Abstract: In 2016, I journeyed to Antarctica with 76 women in science. Our hope was to learn how to change the world. Were women in science the missing ingredient? Women in leadership? Perhaps, though this depends on our willingness to do the work to transform ourselves. I chose transformation not really understanding all this would bring about for me and hopefully in time for our world. It's a process, one in which the Earth takes part, we are part, and The Creator too. These are the three tales of transformation that I will tell. I am in awe of the journey that is possible for each of us. How do we share the journeys of our souls with one another? Let's experiment with this, because this more than gender may be the missing ingredient as we work to connect, care and heal ourselves and our world.

Bio: Heidi Steltzer, PhD, is a mountain scientist, speaker, writer, and professor. She is a lead author on High Mountains for an Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Special Report in 2019 and is working on her first book, stories of mountain science and discovery about how 'The Earth Changes Us'. She is the founder of the Heidi Mountains Cooperative and proprietor of The Haven, a new field station and relational leadership center in Cortez, Colorado. Let's reinvent and reinvest in field science in the 21st Century, creating space where science meets spirit and spirit meets science.

Watch 'The Leadership' film of Heidi's expedition!

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